about us

Starting production with 24 picanol weaving machines, Ata Textile has grown rapidly in a short time and has become one of the leading manufacturers of the outerwear woven fabric sector.

Ata Textile has been renovating her machinery since its establishment to adopt to the changing conditions caused by globalization, to meet the changing needs of her clients and to make all the difference in the sector. By 2014 Ata Textile has been providing services to her clients by manufacturing woven fabric of 1.500.000 meter per month with her 210 highly qualified employees and 155 optimax weaving machinery.

Ata Textile is one of the leading companies in Turkey with its 33.000 square meters of open, 17.000 square meters covered manufacturing facility, her quality, product variety and production capacity in the woven fabric sector.


Ata Textile is confident and expectant about the future with her deep-rooted history in the sector, by following recent developments closely and meeting the new requirements in the sector rapidly on her voyage guided by high quality product, reasonable price and service on time principles.


Our top priorities are: Providing world class products and services by abiding quality, trust and stability principles; keeping the identity of sector leading company by designing unique products; creating employment by increasing our business volume; creating more added value for our society and company with the conscious of team spirit by focusing on the training of our employees; being a beloved and adopted company by the society where both the manufacturer and consumer are happy with the conscious of differentiation and environment awareness.