environment policy

and action plan

Our Environment Policy; is to bequeath a clean, livable environment to the next generations by continuously enhancing our environmental performance by protecting the environment, adapting all environment related regulations and legislation, controlling the environmental effects of our activities and reducing such effects and achieving the conscious of this service in all our activities with “Operational Business Perfection”.

As ATATEKS ATA TEKSTİL our action plan to realize our environment policy is as follows:

1. To achieve continuous development and enhancement by following all legal necessities and client necessities regarding environmental health.

2. To protect natural resources by utilizing the least environmentally harmful technologies technically and economically possible and reducing energy usage.

3. To consider all environmental effects in our facility and adapting all legislation during our activities, getting and following all legal permissions for our facility.

4. To develop our environment policy to continuously enhance our environmental performance.

5. To provide the contribution of all our employees, subcontractors and all the society in means of environmental responsibilities by raising their conscious.

6. To peruse recycling and reuse alternatives and reduce all the wastes that may occur during our manufacturing and maintenance activities.

7. To contact both our suppliers and clients continuously to enhance the environmental effects of our products and to update our environment policy according to the feedbacks.

ATATEKS ATA TEKSTİL CORP. some of our endeavor:

We try to dispose exhaustible resources in our manufacturing process, define enhancement goals for all wastes including dangerous wastes and keep a keen eye on our activities to achieve these goals.

Our 2018 Environment Protection Goals:

• We target getting all required permissions and achieve all the environmental necessities according to the frame of Environment Law.

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• We pay effort to follow and decrease the environmental effects of our activities.

Stack Gas Emission Measurement

Accredited Laboratories regularly make the emission measurements in our facilities parallel to the verdict of “Guide for Controlling Industrial Air Pollution” (SK:H.K.K.Y) according to the related verdicts of Environment Law No. 2872. We achieve all the regulations required by the mentioned guide:

Polluter Type Total Emissions (kg/hour) Limit Values (kg/hour) *
Dust 0,1 10
Carbon Monoxide 0,079 500
Sulphur Dioxide 0,222 60
Dioxide 0,154 40
Evaporative Organic Compounds 0,323 30
* According to SKHKKY Appendix-2
Note: The emissions in the table above is the mass flow rate per hour stemming from all the chimneys of the measured facility.

We regularly organize training activities to our employees and employees of our subcontractors to enhance the environmental effects and our environmental performance. We also organize various activities to increase the environment conscious of the society.